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Up In Smoke: Pittsburgh’s Finest Cigar Bars

30 July 2017 • Read More

Sit back, relax. Here’s some of the best cigar bars in town that you definitely need to try this weekend.

Fashion As Empowerment: John Gurman

06 July 2017 • Read More

As a part of our Fashion As Empowerment project, we worked with the delightful John Gurman, designer and visual merchandiser at LOOM Showroom in Pittsburgh's Strip District.

Fashion As Empowerment: Joe King

22 June 2017 • Read More

Designer & entrepreneur Joe designs his own clothing for various social events across Pittsburgh and beyond where he often plays emcee. We are humbled to have his creative mind participating in this project and opening himself up to us in terms of how he uses fashion to express his identity.

Fashion As Empowerment - Coming Soon!

27 February 2017 • Read More

We're getting ready to launch our newest project: Fashion As Empowerment. How do you use fashion to express yourself? As custom clothiers, we create custom clothing to fit the needs of people in every walk of life, no matter gender, sexuality, ability, age, or race. This proje...

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