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Cashmere Care

01 March 2021 • Read More

In the middle of winter there is nothing better than staying warm with soft, luxurious cashmere. Whether you are working from home and wearing cashmere loungewear 24/7, or if you are heading into your socially-distanced office in a cashmere suit, Samuel Baron Clothiers wants to offer some guidance o...

Slow Fashion and Sustainability

24 April 2020 • Read More

You may have heard of slow fashion before. A relatively recent shift in the fashion industry, the movement was borne out of the recognition of the issues caused by fast fashion, which is defined as the quick manufacture of new clothing items at low cost. Many large fashion brands...

The Supers: What They Mean and How to Choose

19 March 2020 • Read More

When venturing into creating a custom suit, the wearer is faced with a big decision: what fabric will it be made of? Not only are there a multitude of colors and blends to consider, but there is also a classification of the suit’s wool itself; the super number aims to inform us of the weave weig...

Pittsburgh Restaurant Picks: Eleven

20 November 2018 • Read More

Learn about the contemporary Pittsburgh restaurant, Eleven. We recommend styling a burgundy tonal houndstooth weave suit for a night out at Eleven.

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