Zegna Cool Effects Zegna Cool Effects

With tepid spring temperatures quickly on the rise into sweltering summer days, it only makes sense that fashion trends would adapt to the change in climate (both in Pittsburgh, and otherwise). Though suits are not typically the most comfortable attire for a summer afternoon, there are still occasions that call for a modicum of class. What’s a dapper gent to do to beat the heat while putting his best foot forward at weddings, business lunches and fundraisers?

The answer comes from the most luxurious men’s fashion house in the world. Zenga's Spring and Summer 2015 collection focuses on the exquisite High Performance Cool Effect fabrics. Cool Effect allows men to finally enjoy wearing deep colored, bespoke suits in the warmer months - even when temperatures are nigh on unbearable.

With seasonal difficulties in mind, Ermenegildo Zegna incorporated innovative technology into the same quality and style the fashion-minded have grown accustomed to from this esteemed brand. With these advancements, men are encouraged to enjoy their dark suits while still staying cool during hot days and warm evenings.

How is this possible? The answer lies within the Cool Effect finishing, which replicates the reflective properties of light colors, helping the wearer to maintain a comfortable temperature while sporting deep navy and black. This new treatment is not only applied to pure Wool fabrics, but to the Mohair Trophy material, as well, to allow greater versatility in design options.Zegna Cool Effects Fabric

Zenga is also offering an advanced version of this High Performance technology with Linen. Linen, which is already the coolest fiber, is extremely fine and uniform while blending a high-twist wool to create fabrics that are more comfortable and elegant.

Your favorite Pittsburgh custom clothier will tell you that the benefits of custom clothing are not limited to great fit. And with the new advancements from Zegna’s Cool Effects fabrics, we’re seeing even more reasons that this is true.

In a world where everything is mass produced and instant, Samuel Baron Clothiers remains committed to creating  fine custom clothing that will stand the test of time. To work with our team to create the perfect bespoke suit for you right here in Pittsburgh, give us a call at 412.441.1144.