As final preparations get underway for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Windsor on Saturday, May 19th, let’s take a step away from all the drama to focus on what Prince Harry might be wearing on the big day.

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The ceremony is at St George’s Chapel in Windsor on May 19, starting around 7 a.m. EST. Here's how to watch it


The wedding attire is an especially hot topic. While Prince Harry's outfit might not steal the show (note – it should indeed not steal the show), it does play an interesting role in setting the tone and formality for the rest of the wedding attendees.

Prince Harry has two main options: He could be dressed in his military uniform, or he could be in morning dress, Britain's daytime formal dress code. The influence of either of those two would have an impact on the whole affair—either more formal with the uniform, or less formal with morning dress.

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It had been suggested that the 33-year-old prince would wear his Household Cavalry uniform, but that he'd probably have to shave off his beard because facial hair and uniform are frowned upon by the military circle. (via Elle UK)

Meanwhile, Royal correspondent Penny Junor predicted he would opt for morning dress because it's not a state wedding, “My hunch is Harry will wear morning dress because it is going to be relatively low-key, compared with his brother's wedding, and he is no longer a serving officer.”

However, it's now believed that he will wear the ceremonial uniform of the Royal Marines, according to the regiment (via The Telegraph). 


Morning dress is daytime’s white tie equivalent, commonly worn at weddings, funerals and baptisms in England. The key detail to morning dress is the “morning coat,” which is similar to a white tie tailcoat with a pair of tails in the back.


The components of a morning coat

The morning coat is a black matte or grey single-breasted coat, with peak lapels and a link closure (or one button). It may include silk piping on the edges of the coat and lapels. The other feature that distinguishes it is the cutaway skirt, which creates an elegant curve from waist to hem (which is why the morning coat is also called a cutaway). 

How to combine it

Morning dress trousers can be plain gray, or gray and black striped trousers. Shirting options include a white or light-colored shirt with French cuffs and a turn-down collar. Waistcoats should be worn in ‘Buff’ (pale yellow-brown), ‘Dove Grey’ or ‘Robin’s Egg’ (pale blue), and can be double or single-breasted. A smart woven silk tie is acceptable. A tie pin can be used to add an extra elegance, with solids being preferable.


As for shoes, Highly polished black calfskin oxfords, cap-toes, or even smart slip-ons such as Venetian loafers can be worn. Patent leather is not appropriate.

A grey or black top hat is worn with morning dress for racing events or extra special occasions, but is generally carried otherwise. A handkerchief may be worn in the left breast pocket with an understated buttonhole.

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We can all speculate as to which guests might be in attendance, what both the bride and groom might wear, and what everyone will be eating. But Esquire believes there's something serious we’re missing: plans for Prince Harry's beard. 

“Prince Harry's Beard is a sign of the times. Harry pushes the royal bounds, giving the very traditional institution the kind of modern vibe it needs. This is the son who breaks royal protocol, who marries an American actress, who (very politely) subverts tradition time and again.

It's the perfect fit for both Harry's style and attitude. Aesthetically speaking, it gives his jawline a bit of an edge, and it provides a signature pop of color against his mostly blue wardrobe. Figuratively speaking, Prince Harry has always been known as the royal rebel.”

As mentioned, if Harry were to wear his Household Cavalry uniform, he'd probably have to shave off his beard because facial hair and uniform are frowned upon by the military circle. (via Elle UK)

And we thought we had it tough deciding what to wear for "black tie optional".